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Utilis Business Services

Complex problems, simplified

Welcome to Utilis Business Services, we are an organization dedicated to solving the problems that stop you from doing what you are great at. Our approach is taking the big problems, quantifying the weight of the parts, then based on cost/effort and time to benefit, working with you to come up with a plan of action. We do this with industry frameworks and our experience, but no two problems or companies are the same. Contact us for an obligation free meeting to discuss the problem you are trying to solve.


Utilis Business Services specialises in Enterprise and Business Architecture, we also provide the services to support you in taking the plans and strategies we create by leveraging a network of trusted partners. Our core services fall into 3 categories: Strategy and design – what is the problem, what can resolve it? Planning – How long will we implement this solution in Our Business? Transformation – Lets work through fixing it, is what we are doing having the impact we want? Leverage our experience in this space to bring the right tools to bear on the problems that are stealing your focus.

Strategy Development

Through facilitated workshops we can work with you to develop executable strategic plans, organizational roadmaps, strategy and policy documentation and staff development models

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Planning Services

Investment portfolio planning, Portfolio sequencing and ongoing management, system and technology life-cycle planning working closely with you to create a deliverable plan


Project portfolio value and impact assessments, portfolio organizational dependency and impacts mapping and optimization, organizational capability and process optimization, multi-year organizational roadmaps, current state to target state modelling

Brainstorming Session

The way we work with you

Introductory Consultation

Quantify your problem, receive an obligation free quote outlining how we would approach solving it


Professional Services

We solve the problem, write the strategy, policy, roadmap, plan and ongoing measures empowering you to control your own destiny


As a Service

Why carry expensive, specialized enterprise architects when you have trouble finding and maintaining the right people, we can provide that to you in subscription based or on demand model at a fraction of the cost and risk, we can be your CIO or Strategy and Architecture team - on demand

Getting Coffee


Below is an overview of our offerings, under each are a subset of specific offerings but experience has shown us it's better to meet, listen, understand your unique challenges and tailor a solution to you rather than throwing darts at a wall blindfolded

Strategy and Policy Documentation

CIO, Strategy and Architecture As a Service


Modern Work Space
Getting Coffee

Analyze, strategize, document

Agreed outcome, fixed price

Facilitated Workshops

In this offering we analyze your existing documentation, agree what function it will serve to the business then bring it to the required level in a fixed time and budget, for example - an ICT asset strategy and policy can easily save an organization millions over 3-5 years

Do you find it difficult to find and maintain resources in this space, also to justify the expense of retaining them as FTE? Do you need the right head at a steering committee meeting once a month, need annual reporting generated for the QGCIO? We can provide the right skills, the same faces and leverage our work across multiple clients to your advantage

This covers pre-work required, onsite facilitated workshops, data analysis, report generation including workshop results and recommended actions. This can be applied to strategic planning, portfolio planning, general asset or ICT road mapping.

Modern Work Space

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